Russell Gordon Carter (1892-1957)

American author. Born in 1892 in New Jersey. His ambition was always to become a writer. After a stint as a reporter and magazine editor and serving in the army in the First World War, he began to work as a freelance writer and novelist. He soon became a prolific author, with over 30 titles to his name as well as numerous short stories. His books were for the most part aimed at children/young adults and many of them, influenced by his experiences in the war, had a military theme. He also seems to have been fond of animals as they appear in a number of his books. Both these themes come together in his one horse story, which was based upon his relationship with his sorrel horse Shaggy during the war. Unfortunately I have no picture of this book so if anyone could help by sending me one I would be very grateful.

Sadly the website which his daughter had set up to commemorate him is no more. 

Horse & Pony Books:

Reprinted by Houghton Mifflin in 1939.
SUMMARY: Based on the author's war experiences with his own horse. Gordon, a young American soldier serving in the First World War, gets separated from his horse Shaggy when the animal gets mange. He determines to find his faithful mount before he has to return to America when the war ends.

Collector's Info:
Although not a particularly common title it is not too hard to find in the USA. Fairly rare elsewhere and could be pricey.